Absolute encoder, singleturn
Encoder with an output of clear, coded information for each measuring step within one revolution. The data is saved in the event of a power failure.
Absolute encoder multiturn
Encoder capable of clearly capturing the number of revolutions and of yielding this output in addition to the output of the singleturn absolute encoder. The data is saved in the event of a power failure, and/or continues to be captured in de-energized state.
Asynchronous Serial Interface. A serial trans-mission linked to a data transmission protocol. Driver hardware to EIA RS485 or RS422.
IC specific to user.
For the singleturn encoders, the resolution indicates the number of measuring steps per revolution.
For the multiturn encoders, the number of measuring steps per revolution and the number of revolutions are indicated.
Baud rate
Transmission frequency of serial interface in bits per second.
Multi-Master-Bus-System with two-wire line. It is event-oriented and/or news-oriented.
Presently, standardized CAN protocols under CAN open are specified.
For encoder: CiA DSP 406
Code Switching Speed
Number of measuring steps per second for absolute encoders. The maximum electric speed of encoders with 13-bit resolution and 400 kHz switching speed is 3,000 RPM.
Data valid
Diagnostic output for checking validity of output data.
Sense of rotation (...)
Control input to determine the data sequence, whether increasing clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Control input allowing activation of data outputs for absolute encoders.
Incremental encoder
Encoder sending an electric signal (High/Low) at each measuring step.
Deviation of measuring step / Accuracy
Deviation between actual and measured position.
Zero-point setting
Control input to set a zero point at any position of the resolution range of an absolute encoder without mechanical adjustment.
For programmable absolute encoders, it is possible to also set an offset value via the zero-point setting.
Profibus DP
Master-Slave-Bus-System with two-wire line. Line Bus with EIA RS485 hardware interface. Standardized Profibus DP-protocol for encoder is specified.
Customized setting of encoder resolution. The encoder calculates the desired customer resolution using the basic resolution and the scaling factor.
Control input used to memorize the data outputs of absolute encoders for safe read-outs. It is recommended to use the Stored input especially in case of data codes of several steps.
Synchronous Serial Interface. A serial data transmission linked to an external pulse.
Bus-System, especially developed for control units of Klöckner-Moeller. Driver hardware to EIA RS485. Maximum Baud rate up to 375 kBd.
Pulse +, Pulse -
Control lines of SSI interface for synchronous data transmission. Pulse + produces a current loop together with Pulse - for potential-free take-over of pulse frequency in SSI encoders.