Batch Counter
The batch counter counts the pulses emitted by the main counter. 
A way to program the counter for differerent application. 
Baud rate
Transmission rate of serial interface.
Decimal point
Possibility to set a decimal point for readouts.
Electronic output
After reaching preset value, a positive (PNP) or negative (NPN) signal is emitted at the output (transistor or optocoupler).
Sensor supply
Voltage provided by the counter to connect sensor or encoder.
LCD display
Liquid crystal display. Can be read by background illumination or normal light incidence.
Light Emitting Doide, easy-to-read 7-segment display.
Memorization of output signal til manual reset.
Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (Physical-technical Federal Institute). Counters that are approved by PTB may be used for length measurements that are appropriate for calibration after the entire installation has been approved.
Phase discriminator
Evaluation circuit within the counter that automatically recognizes the direction of rotation of the encoder in case an incremental encoder is connected with two signal that are 90° out of phase.
Relay output
A relay is switched after the preset value has been reached.
A relay is switched after the preset value has been reached.
A counter that counts the input pulses by adding or subtracting them without any kind of control function. 
Scaling factor (electronic gear)
Multiplier to evaluate input pulses. Possibility of evaluating incoming pulses and thus of adapting electronic and mechanical equipment. 
Set count
Value to be programmed. The counter will be set back to this value after every reset.
UP / Down
Counting direction, adding or subtracting.
Voltage supply: alternating current.
Voltage supply: direct current.
Preselection counter
Counter that accomplishes an output function in addition to its adding or subtracting counting function. Example: Initation of a cutting operation at a certain count.
Preset value
An output is switched when this value has been reached.
Impulse signal time
Lapse of time that an output remains active after a preset value has been reached.
Counting rate
The maximum number of pulses per second.
Counting mode
Type of evaluation of the pulses at the counter.